Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to become a better teacher: Ask your former students to send you excellent videos (thank you, Lutz!)

My former student and current friend and computer mentor Lutz sent me this video.

It is worth watching.

Here are some screenshots.

Go, Marauders


They look engaged

Wow, I can use my microsoft hotmail / outlook account

What is he doing?

Don't break it!


This teacher is welcome any time to join me for
lunch on Las Olas, my treat.  What a clear presentation.

It won't hurt any of us to look at this logo one more time.

Clearly I need to get a tablet.  thanks to Lutz, and his patient "seminar during a barbecue", I know that I need to get a touch screen and Windows 8.

Students:  when you find a useful video like this one, send the link to your former teachers.   Teachers can learn from you.

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