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Mindset Compare: Matt Blazek uses two Youtube accounts to introduce history to the next generation: HistoryTeachers and Epic Rap Battles of History (Internet Surfing: Let me show you something cool)

What happens when three teachers gather?  We talk about what tools we use to reach our students and then we surf the Internet.  "Let me show you" sessions are effective for preserving the arc of a conversation.

This record took about an hour to reconstruct but it might be valuable for teachers (and others) to follow our discussion.  The links might not be clear and only about half of the topics are mentioned below.

This conversation is dedicated to Mario, Gus, Dennis, Omar, Claude, Twin, Leslie, Stephen Shasha and others who were momentarily forgotten but are now included in the conversation.  This was a hastily organized gathering that maintained focus because there were only three viewers around a single strong portal to the Internet.

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What is an effective way to introduce history to the next generation?   Use rap

1)   epic rap battles of history

Abe Lincoln VS Chuck Norris Epic Rap Battles of History #3

We tried to show Alex some Facebook ("how to use
Facebook in the classroom") but the connection
was down.   Horrors!

Gandhi vs MLK

 Tesla vs. Edison

2)   HistoryTeachers

William the Conqueror

French Revolution

Chuck Norris

Frightful language, but I can see why some
students will remember some facts
Did the Mafia help JFK win the 1960 election?
search:  did chicago joe kennedy pay mob buy election jfk

Nov 9, 1997 – ... crime helped John F. Kennedy win the closely contested 1960election... the key state of Illinois--mainly at the instigation of Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.,... a Chicago lawyer and political operative whom Hersh cites, Kennedy was forced to pick then-Sen. ... "Oh, I don't believe they will," Eisenhower replied.

Alex mentioned the magnitsky-list

  1. Sergei Magnitsky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. Sergei Leonidovich Magnitsky (Russian: Сергей Леонидович Магнитский; 8 April 1972 – 16 November 2009) was a Russian accountant and auditor whose ...Background - Exposing the scandal - Illness and death
    Search on "arbat"

  3. Magnitsky list draft to include 280 Russian officials : The Voice of ...

  4. Apr 5, 2013 – Magnitsky list draft to include 280 Russian officials. Сергей Магнитский Sergei Magnitsky. Photo: ...

Matt reports that his students don't like it when they see him reading.  "You're going to tell us about something that just happened and then that's more stuff we have to learn about."   Their suggestion is that the teacher should just "chilll" and stop reading so much.

Unique Clothing...  UNI QLO

There are 6 stores (5 in NY area and one in San Fran)
The aim is to have 200 stores by the end of the decade, the next Gap

We talked about Jung
"what's your favorite book by Jung?"
search:   Memories Dreams reflections jung,%20Dreams,%20Reflections%20-%2...

MemoriesDreams,. Reflections by C. G. Jung. Recorded And Edited By Aniela Jaffé. Translated From The German By. Richard and Clara Winston. REVISED ...

What happens when you try to quash information?

The downloadable 3-d printing of a gun
search:  3-d printer gun
The State Department tried to stop distribution of the program.

The Streisand effect

Here is a significant quote (that led us to look up "the Streisand effect")


Matt teaches "Theory of Knowledge" and one of the questions he asks students is, "Should you interfere and save one life or take the photo and inform the world, so that the world can respond and protect more people?"

Search:  malnourished african child vulture

Look up the story of Kevin Carter

I turned the conversation to Haiti because Alex teaches students from Haiti
search:  haiti history documentary

These videos are too long and the students don't care about their history

Video dedicated to all the Americans who do not see that Haiti is in the state it is because of your government. Learn some history ...

"Napoleon would never have invaded Russia if he had played Risk as a kid."

Alex had never heard of the game of Risk
search:  risk game strategies  here's the photo of the board game

Steve:   One of the jobs as a teacher is to expose students to images that will help them preparpe for the future.
Do you know about Dan Pink?

A teacher trainer needs to show this video to more teachers and then the teachers will have the 

How do you motivate people to do something?

Matt pointed out the ability of certain incentives to be useful for a punishment or reward but only if the reward is desired and if it can't be obtained easily through another channel.
"I'd rather have two days off than more money."
Search:  dan pink drive video
Two questions:  
What is my sentence?  (the focus of our lives)
Am I better today than I was yesterday?

search:  rsa animate pink
Ten million views in May 2013

Matt talked about the impact of TV on war.   
Wolrd War 2 was horribly more violent than Vietnam, but Vietname has more images, thanks to TV and it was brought into people's kitchens 

You should see the video about Bull Connor's dogs
search:  bull connor dogs

Richard Nixon's interview with David Frost
search:  nixon frost interview not illegal

Alex said, "Nixon asked for recipes of Russian dishes when he visited in 1972."

search:  nixon russian food

Alexander, show us Arbat street
Search:  arbat moscow tour
"Are these people lost?"

Here's a challenge:  create a virus that doesn't kill the host but spreads to every person on the planet 
Search:  smartphone  infection to infect the world  app  just click and be transported

I showed a video about a street in old Havana
Search:   brazil obispo habana vieja

Hotel FLorida on Obispo

The next time you have a "show me" session on the Internet with some teachers, keep track of the searches and follow-on links that you pursue.  

Send your links to so we can follow your conversation

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