Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Our principal is a man... unlike in other schools, there's just a suit..." a video by Erik Friedl about a school in Los Angeles (Highland Park High School), which benefits from the philosophy of Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski

Look at Minute 3:20
"our principal is a man... unlike other schools...

 it's just some suit with a face

Our principal has a personality.

he gets through to us.

Well done to Erik Friedl for capturing this moment.   Visit his channel at

Click here to see the hits rise.   576 hits on 5 May 2013

You can learn more about some of the people whom Enrique acknowledges (around Minute 5:30 in the video) by searching for these links on Youtube.

Elliot Washor
Add a few hits at THIS LINK

author with Charles Mojkowski of Leaving to Learn

look for the website

Learn more through an interview with Steve Harganon

Hear the mp3
Elliot talks about "paying attention" to the student.  Start at minute 16:30 and hear his point about the school needs to pay attention to the student.

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