Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Your Net Impact includes clicking in a responsible way

What is different between THIS image:

Note the number of views...

So few hits?

... and the next image?

The second image comes from the original source (The RSA).  It has 10 million views.   The first image comes from a fellow who downloaded the RSA video and posted it up on youtube.  His effort took 7000 hits from the RSA video.


When you participate in www.YourNetImpact.com, we assume that you are going to click to support the videos... but you need to be sure that the youtube account is the true owner of the video. 

When you download a video and give it to a friend or neighbor, why not also send them a link to the user's video so that the owner of the youtube account gets an extra hit.

Do the RSA a favor and CLICK HERE
Click here for the ORIGINAL RSA video ... let's get a billion people looking at this video.  

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