Sunday, May 19, 2013

Available: Former Graduate Student, ready to share what he learned in two years of Graduate School. Free lectures online. Get 15 posters (Free downloads) based on articles that were required reading in my Ed.D. program

Have you heard about the Pen Drive Internet?
Here's my transcript from university.  After two years of online studies, I'm suspending my pursuit of an Ed.D.  I'm going to focus on bringing what I've learned to teachers (until 2016). 

If you have a classroom, you have walls.  

I've got posters.

Go ahead -- look at the interesting topics.
Perspectives in ITDE
(Instructional Technologies and Distance Education)

Principles of Instructional Technologies

Principles of Distance Education

Instructional Media

Hear about the lecture for the Certificate of Applied Instructional Technologies:
Dr. Fischler's book describes this triangle
Get his commentaries in Spanish

Here are links to some of the posters that I developed -- pulling ideas form out of academic articles and inserting them into the classroom.


Slogans by Dr. Fischler

Posters in TURKISH

Do you want to know about the "Your Net Impact" campaign?

Do you want to learn more about the opportunity of using penpals and Skype to connect students in other countries?
Dr. Fischler's workshop about
the CULTURE of a School

Get this book in SPANISH

You can learn about Mario Llorente's Pen Drive Internet campaign

Here's my summary of two years of lectures

Get more information (free)

The math chart that guides Florida graduation curriculum
FINALLY:  you can get a high school diploma in Florida
without taking Algebra 2.  No hyperbolae, no ellipses, no matrices.

Go ahead, ask for free ebooks
Get the free ebooks at

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