Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sign up for Adsense: It's the first step to becoming an Entrepreneur -- so why not introduce this to every student? They'll always have "passive income" if they post videos


Tony Wagner suggests that there are survival skills that we teachers can implant in students.

Why not start with Initiative and Entrepreneuring.   

Here's a simple lesson plan

Objective:  Make sure every student with a gmail account gets an Adsense account.
Why?  Adsense pays the gmail account owner for hits to YouTube videos.

Materials:  Access to a bank account (and almost every student is eligible for a free account at most banks).

a.  get a gmail account
b.  get a bank account
c.  link the bank account to the gmail account

Specifics:  see this screen shot


if you post videos and you have lots of hits, why shouldn't you benefit?

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