Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The After-School Skills Center -- for Young People and Adults -- a way to extend and deepen learning.

Skills Center

Two mentors in university are waiting to answer your questions.


I'm a tutor. I've compiled lists of suggestions for students and parents.

Three Tips From a Tutor
The Get-Ahead Book
Mr. Mac's SAT Test Prep

You can get these booklets by downloading them from

The After-School Skills Center is a place for young people and adults. Come to the Center (either in the school where the Center is located or go online) and bring questions. We'll find someone who can provide some suggestions.

We have books and magazines for you to look at ...

What can I learn at the After-School Skills Center?

Here are some suggestions.

Ten-finger touch typing

The greek alphabet

Phrases in French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and other languages

How to surf the

How to make a website

How to make a Facebook Group

How to make a “community page” on Facebook.

How to transform your school into a learning community (start by visiting

How to create a book for under $15. TIP: Use

How to use DOMINOS to improve understanding of probability.

How to make movies TIP: We can lend you a camera.

How to edit movies TIP: Mac users can use iMovie.

How to create a useful ebook.

How to increase “your net effect” See

Fifty States of Africa

How to memorize a poem.

Second cities, rivers and mountains of Brazil, China and india (and other cool places)

Learn phrases by using Facebook and Email.

Learn how to “build the future” with Skype.

How to take apart a computer, camera or other device and then how to put them back together

Tips about how to skim a newspaper, a magazine or a book and get the author's main idea.

What are the 10 “global” skills (based on Tony Wagner's list)?

If you want to learn other skills, please contact us. (954) 646 8246

NEEDED: Mentors to assist in this After-School Skills Center.

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