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What books could stimulate teachers to become "guides on the side"? What are the ideas that students need to wrestle with for the 21st Century? Let's put these books into our classrooms.

The Littky Book
Have a look at this discussion...
What books could inspire students to ask questions?
Dr. Fischler's book on the web:
What books and questions could inspire teachers to move away from lectures and toward becoming "guides on the side"?

Dan Pink  Free Agent Nation,
A Whole New Mind
To Sell is Human

Malcolm Gladwell
The Tipping Point

Thomas Friedman
The World is Flat
Hot Flat and Crowded

Neil Postman   Teaching as a Subversive Activity

This book is an example

Books has excellent materials for engaging students... and the tips help their "metacognition" (they will observe better how they think).

Postman and Weingartner


Websites to inspire teachers
, publishers of The Big Picture:  Education Is Everybody’s Business (2004) by Dennis Littky and Samantha Grabelle, ISBN 
978-0871209719, Center for Education Reform, Tom vander Ark’s blog, newsletter, served hot with a twist, Jack Taub’s site, vander Ark’s investment group, Coalition of Essential Schools, formed by the late Ted Sizer, funding for education reform, Steve McCrea, teacher training workshops, Project Zero, Harvard University, teacher training, Will Sutherland, innovative curricula, Sutherland's consulting site, Ben Udy's English school in Honduras (using John Corlette's educational philosophy,, Michelle Rhee (former superintendent of Washington, DC schools), Gordon Dryden, New Zealand, author of The Learning Web with Jeannette Vos: How to quit school at 14 and eventually write a top-selling book about learning. for
some philosophy of education, Dr. Abraham Fischler, Two Million Minutes, Robert A. Compton’s project, Dennis Yuzenas, master teacher and trainer, developer of workshops integrating digital portfolios
Let's look at this blog

TED Talks

Maria Andersen   Learn this button
Maria Andersen  Free Range Learning

Why is Dan Pink's work so useful?  Visit these sites and see why his work connects the reader to the the world of work...

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